2019 Country Managers

Each country is responsible for selection of its own team. The selection process is coordinated by a "country manager." The manager may be an agility organization in that country, a committee, or an individual. Each potential team manager must submit a resume to the WAO organizing committee for approval. As each country's selection documents for the next event are finalized, they will be posted here

  • If a manager is not listed for your country and you are interested in the position, please email info@worldagilityopen.com for more information.
  • If you are interested in becoming a member of your country's team, please contact the person listed.

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Team Organizer
Selection Guidelines
Argentina Argentina
Australia Australia
Austria Austria
Belgium Belgium
Brazil Brazil    
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Canada Canada
China China
Croatia Croatia    
Czech Czech Republic    
Denmark Denmark
England England TBA
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Estonia Estonia    
Finland Finland
France France
Germany flag Germany
Greece Greece    
Hungary Hungary
Israel Israel
Italy Italy
Japan Japan
Jersey flag Jersey
Latvia Latvia    
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg    
Mexico Mexico
Mexico Montenegro
Netherlands Netherlands
New Zealand New Zealand
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Norway Norway
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Ireland Republic of Ireland
Scotland Republic of San Marino
Romania Romania
Russia Russia
Scotland Scotland
Singapore Michelle Chan
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Slovakia Slovakia    
South Africa Slovenia
Spain Spain
Switzerland Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland
Uruguay Uruguay
USA USA Ivette White
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Venezuela Venezuela
Wales Wales