Spectator Tickets

You can purchase your entry tickets at the event.

Please be aware that a ticket is not required to watch the classes in the two outdoor rings, but you will not have access to the main ring without a ticket. Seating in the main ring is limited, especially on Sunday.

Purchase of a 3-day pass includes free parking for the event; otherwise, parking is €5 per day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

IMPORTANT: Spectators may not bring dogs to the event. Only dogs entered in the WAO are allowed in the ring areas.

WAO 3-Day Pass Adult – €30
WAO 3-Day Pass Junior – €15

WAO Friday Ticket Adult – €10
WAO Friday Ticket Junior – €5

WAO Saturday Ticket Adult – €10
WAO Saturday Ticket Junior – €5

WAO Sunday Ticket Adult – €15
WAO Sunday Ticket Junior – €10