2012 Competitors

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Australia Australia

Team Organizer: Australian WAO Committee

300 Division
  Karen Phillips and Cody (Jack Russell Cross)
400 Division
  Frank Fitzpatrick and Zuma (Border Terrier)
  Julie Pearson and Magners (Border Terrier)
525 Division
  Megan Bell-Jones and George (Patterdale Terrier Cross)
  Diane Rose and Dottie (Spitollie)
  Simone Tolhurst and Pip (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Simone Holt and Buster (Border Collie)
  Tracey Wansbrough and Spud (Border Collie)
  Tom Weir and Hydro (Border Collie)

Belgium Belgium

Team Manager: Guy Blancke, Assistant Managers: Pascal Bodson, Emiel Vervoort

300 Division
  Bart De Blanck and Mylow (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Sylvie Van Autryve and Garbhan (Shetland Sheepdog)
400 Division
  Jo Bundervoet and Skwizie (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Nico Descamp and Roos (Border Terrier)
  Bart Van Hecke and Diva (Shetland Sheepdog)
525 Division
  Silvie De Four and Roxy (Border Collie)
  Ann Herreman and Ghentai (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Melissa Heyse and Xena (Border Collie)
  Anneleen Holluyn and Hjatho (Mini Aussie)
  Tania Verhulst and Zita (Belgica Mix)
650 Division
  Franky De Witte and Uboro (Border Collie)
  Kimberly Ruyssinck and Zion (Border Collie)
  Erwin Schoffelen and Devil (Border Collie)
  Dominique Van Vynckt and Enzo (Border Collie)
  David Vannieuwkerke and Trish (Border Collie)
  Saskia Vansteelant and Zohran (Border Collie)
  Guy Blancke and Jazz (Groenendael)

Canada Canada

Team Manager: Nina Durante, Assistant Manager: Mark Eckley

300 Division
  Barb Flowers and Vegas (Coton de Tulear)
  Anneli Hilton-Arksey and Slice (Papillon)

Anneli Hilton-Arksey and Pint (Papillon)

  Jamie Moreau and Batman (Papillon)
400 Division
  Nicki Gurr and Ninja (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Kayl McCann and Funkee Monkee (Mixed Breed)
  Lucie Robertson and Dune (Shetland Sheepdog)
525 Division
  Nancy Laser and Breeze (Border Collie)
  Kayl McCann and Slyce (Border Collie)
  Meaghan O'Neill and Wynd (Border Collie)
  Deb Rhodes and Britt (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Lynda Caughlin and Coolhand Luc (Australian Kelpie)
  Stéphan Henry and Bullitt (Border Collie)
  Mark Herfert and Fynn (Belgian Malinois)
  Bev Mattson and Zsimba (Belgian Shepherd)
  Fred Waters and Tânafon (Border Collie)

Denmark Denmark

Team Manager: Sanne AmmitzbØll

400 Division
  Anna Görlitz and Karla (Mixed Breed)
  Jannie Rasmussen and Nanna (Swedish Farm Dog)
  Susanne Rødtness and Jari (Kromfohrlander)
650 Division
  Sanne Ammitzbøll and Boss (Border Collie)
  Anja Gamst and Freddy (Labrador Retriever)
  Rikke Rode and Snowy (Mixed Breed)

England England

Team Manager: Jo Rhodes, Team Coach: Anthony Clarke

300 Division
  Marilyn Adams and Tia (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Lee Harfield and Bonnie (Cross Breed)
  Lee Harfield and Pip (Toy Poodle)
  Tamsin Harris-Bryant and Albie (Cross Breed)
  Lian Knight and Sizzle (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Dave Russell and Caeyn (Papillon)
400 Division
  Bernadette Bay and Zaz (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Wendy Botto and Bambi (Pyrenean Sheepdog)
  Gary Cummings and Ellie (Cross Breed)
  Nancy Hudson and Zeki (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Gwen Johnson and Mud (Cross Breed)
525 Division
  Jessica Cothay and Cara (Border Collie)
  Karen Marriott and Puzzle (Cross Breed)
  Leslie Osborne and Fizz (Border Collie)
  Martin Reid and Flash (Working Sheepdog)
  Jo Tristram and Bitz (Cross Breed)
  Shaun Young and Gracie (Working Sheepdog)
650 Division
  Sharon Brooke and Jazz (Border Collie)
  Nikki Collins and Yam (Working Sheepdog)
  Leah Gardner and Herbie (Working Sheepdog)
  Shaun Hunt and Phix (Border Collie)
  Sian Illingworth and Edi (Border Collie)
  Ian Jackson and Bobbie (Border Collies)
  Katie Long and Copper (Working Sheepdog)

Finland Finland

Team Manager: Niina-Liina Linna

400 Division
  Toni Koutu and Pulu (Parson Russell Terrier)
525 Division
  Juha Orenius and Gaia (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Teemu Linna and Piru (Border Collie)
  Niina-Liina Linna and Rei (Border Collie)
  Niina-Liina Linna and Rhett (Border Collie)
  Niina-Liina Linna and Spiiku (Border Collie)

France France

Team Manager: Christine Charpentier

650 Division
  Christine Charpentier and Caleb (Border Collie)

Italy Italy

Team Manager: Massimo Perla

300 Division
  Maria Grazia Cini and Ambra Cleo (Mixed Breed)
  Roberta Lenticchia and Sissy (Zwergpinscher)
  Davide Santilli and Minnie (Mini Poodle)
  Ivana Sipalova and Nyo (Jack Russell Terrier)
400 Division
  Fulvio Frassoni and Nelson (Beagle)
  Nicola Giraudi and Twister (Parson Russell Terrier)
  Alessandro Giuliani and Orsa Maggiore (Schipperke)
  Serena Ines Malgaroli and Shahrazad (Mixed Breed)
  Francesca Pucciatti and Ettore (Mixed Breed)
  Lorella Saccani and Jack (Mini Poodle)
  Mariella Tarzia and Pepe (Mixed Breed)
525 Division
  Corrado Carretti and Fly (Border Collie)
  Laura Governatori and Effy (Border Collie)
  Antonella Natali and Nuvola (Schapendoes)
  Sabrina Vivaldo and Trilly (Mixed Breed)
650 Division
  Bruno Bonifazi and Baffy (Mixed Breed)
  Giovanni Bruzzichelli and Ob (Border Collie)
  Cesare Carretti and Lady-D (Border Collie)
  Sandro Cerri and Pedro (Mixed Breed)
  Gianluca De Lorenzis and Dare Devil (Border Collie)
  Camilla Nari and Perla (Border Collie)

Japan Japan

Team Manager: Hisato Tanabe

300 Division
  Yumiko Imamura and Nicola (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Kaori Kanemasa and Naru (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
400 Division
  Nobuko Akiike and Kool (Miniature Poodle)
  Miyako Endo and Saya (Boston Terrier)
  Yumiko Imamura and Costner (Shetland Sheepdog) (Reserve)
  Mimi Shimono and Marie (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Yasunobu Soeda and Kleine (Border Terrier)
525 Division
  Mikio Maeda and Abbey-Lee (Border Collie) (Reserve)
  Yuko Matsuoka and Astra Daisy (Border Collie)
  Hideko Murai and Zebra (Border Collie)
  Toshiyuki Oba and Jungle Beat (Border Collie)
  Yoshiko Tanaka and Ichigo (Border Collie) (Reserve)
650 Division
  Yumiko Imamura and Freed (Border Collie)
  Yasuko Kamimura and Jazz (Border Collie)
  Tomomi Okuma and Wittz (Border Collie) (Reserve)
  Saori Saneyoshi and Pudding (Labrador Retriever) (Reserve)
  Riyu Takahashi and Peita (Border Collie)
  Naoko Ushijima and Dono Summer (Border Collie) (Reserve)

Jersey Jersey

Team Manager: Louise Eden

300 Division
  Anita Barette and Bertie (Jack Russell Terrier)
  Anita Barette and Tyke (Jack Russell Terrier) (Reserve)
  Valery Johnson and Gina (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Jane Stafford and Pixie (Portuguese Podengo)
400 Division
  Louise Eden and Smudge (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Valerie Johnson and Connie (Shetland Sheepdog) (Reserve)
525 Division
  Denny Buckley and Penzi (Springer Spaniel)
  Georgia De La Cour and Obi (Springer Spaniel) (Reserve)
  Oliver Eden and Mayzee (Springer Spaniel)
  Di Poingdestre and Blue (Shetland Sheepdog)
650 Division
  Kim Love and George (Cross Breed)
  Di Poingdestre and Ozzy (Labrador Retriever) (Reserve)
  Chris Poingdestre and Zed (Border Collie)
  Chris Poingdestre and Tod (Border Collie)
  Val Poingdestre and Che (Working Sheepdog)

Netherlands Netherlands

Team Manager: Jan Sprij

300 Division
  Aneska Damen and Gipsy (Papillon)
  Marissa Figee and Trixie (Poodle)
  Kelly Hogeslag and Micka (Mixed Breed)
  Frank Maene and Jaykay (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Ietje Postma and Willow (Papillon)
  Ietje Postma and Sonne (Poodle)
400 Division
  Mariën Balt and Zyzo (Mixed Breed)
  Arie Geenen and Guy (Fox Terrier)
  Angela Koopman and Little Miss Abby (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Frank Maene and Enzo (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Henk Postma and AC/DC (Papillon)
  Henk Postma and Dolly (Poodle)
525 Division
  Daniëlle Boshouwers and Eager (Border Collie)
  Margreet de Hoogh and Katie (Kelpie)
  Janny de Ruijter and Emma (Border Collie)
  Cathy McDonald and Jazz (Border Collie)
  Henk Timmer and Senna (Border Collie)
  Peggy Vos and I-My (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Margot Hoekstra and Mystique (Groenendal)
  Sanne Hugen and Daan (Belgian Tervueren)
  Willy Kinkel and Dani (Australian Sheperd)
  Annemarie and Ploegmakers Fudge (Border Collie)
  Patrick Tunders and Mekx (Border Collie)
  Frank van Nimwegen and Pirez (Belgian Tervueren)

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

Team Manager: Ronnie McAleese

300 Division
  Patience Bradley and Tony Mary Og (Chihuahua)
  Gillian Keys and Trevor (Terrier Cross) (Reserve)
  Miriam McDowell and Teddy (Schnauzer/Poodle Cross)
  Curtis Mullan and Peggy (Jack Russell Cross)
400 Division
  Ronnie McAleese and Jay (Miniature Poodle)
  Louise McClurg and Maxi (Min Schnauzer)
  Curtis Mullan and Callie (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Isabel Trotter and Chip (Cross Breed)
525 Division
  Karen Bleakley and Tess (Cross Breed)
  Peter Crozier and Brodie (Terrier Cross)
  Joanne Hughes and Ziggy (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Kirsty Jess and Buddy (Border Collie)
  Kirsty Jess and Jack (Cross Breed) (Reserve)
  Carron McCready and Benji (Working Sheepdog)
  Cathrine Porter and Yogi (Border Collie)
  Catherine Porter and Ziva (Working Sheepdog) (Reserve)

Portugal Portugal

Team Manager: Jorge Pires

650 Division
  Jorge Pires and Lash (Border Collie)
  Luis Sousa and Toffy (Border Collie)

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland

Team Manager: Diana Collie

300 Division
  June Archbold and Lily (Jack Russell Terrier)
  June Archbold and Little Dude (Mixed Breed) (Reserve)
  Donal Ayton and Oscar (Shitzu Cross)
400 Division
  Karen Kelly and Shep (Mixed Breed)
  Sinead O'Donovan and Tiggie (Pyrenean Sheepdog)
525 Division
  Mary Dolan and Bonnie (Working Sheepdog)
  Sarah Glass and Jess (Mixed Breed)
  Sheila Maher and Holly (Mixed Breed)
  Liam O'Brien and Peggy (Working Sheepdog)
  Louise Roche and Roxy (Working Sheepdog)
650 Division
  Mick Byrne and Molly (Mixed Breed)
  Derek Keegan and Red (Border Collie)
  Liam O'Brien and Mojo (Border Collie)
  John Ward and Stan (Lab Cross)

Scotland Scotland

Team Manager: Tricia Elms

300 Division
  Mark Bruce and Holly (Jack Russell Terrier)
  Natasha Davis and Indie (Parsons Jack Russell)
  Emma Fairweather and Pebbles (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Monica Kerr and Kayla (Jack Russell Terrier)
400 Division
  Mark Bruce and Sindy (Jack Russell Terrier)
  Allan Brydon and Harvey (Miniature Poodle)
  Michelle Henderson and Reilly (Miniature Poodle)
  Dane Redford and Cassie (Mixed Breed)
525 Division
  Lisa Duggan and Tig (Border Collie)
  Laura Innes and Kadyn (Working Sheepdog)
  Donna Kerse and Ace (Border Collie)
  Kelly Stirling and Ceilidh (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Diane Bisset and Echo (Working Sheepdog)
  Emma Jones and Kerri (Working Sheepdog)
  Donna Kerse and Jack (Border Collie)
  Alan Short and Bobby (Bearded Collie)

Spain Spain

Team Manager: JesÚs FernÁndez Crespo

300 Division
  Laure Metaire and Pepito (Pug)
  Maria José Gutierrez Vazquez and Uxia (Bichon-Maltese Cross)
  Carlos Souto Tobío and Hachi (Shetland Sheepdog)
400 Division
  Julio Freire Nogueira and Peka (Border Collie)
  Laure Metaire and Pancho (Pug)
525 Division
  Felix Fernandez Traseira and Uka (Border Collie)
  Julio Freire Nogueira and Chika (Border Collie)
  Bruno Otero Romero and Hada (Border Collie)
  Jorge Ramos Salinas and Jack (Border Collie)
  Carlos Souto Tobío and Indi (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Isabel Comesaña Fernandez and Osa (Belgian Tervuren)
  Jesús Fernández Crespo and Coba (Border Collie)
  Bruno Otero Romero and Meiga (Golden Retriever)
  Francisco Sobral Crespo and Dux (Border Collie)
  Maria José Triquet and Anya (Belgian Tervuren)

Sweden sweden

Team Manager/coach: Eva Marie WergÅrd, Assistant coach: Margareta EkstrÖm

300 Division
  Lena Riedel and Lycka (Papillon)
  Eva MarieWergård and Piraya (Papillon)
400 Division
  Jonas Erlandsson and Sajko (German Hunting Terrier)
  Anna Käll and Vira (Parson Russell Terrier)
  Maria Melakari and Issi (Shetland Sheepdog)
525 Division
  Anna Käll and Chilli (Border Collie)
  Eva Marie Wergård and Ozelot (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Jonas Erlandsson and Goblin (German Shorthaired Pointer)
  Katarina Holmér and Fiona (Belgian Tervueren)
  Fredrika Jonasson and Hippie (Border Collie)
  Anna Käll and Colin (Border Collie)

USA United States

Team Manager/Coach: Tracy Sklenar, Team Assistant Coaches:
Sandy Rogers and Greg Fontaine

300 Division
  Mike Padgett and Kona (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Monique Plinque and Tiki (Papillon)
  Sandra Rogers and Quill (JRT)
  Ivette White and Zip (JRT)
400 Division
  Jenn Crank and Blaster (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Jenn Crank and Salsa (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Anne Kajava and Manja (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Nancy Kleinhans and Jimmy Dean (Shetland Sheepdog)
  Delaney Ratner and Jonesy (Schnauzer)
525 Division

Mary Ellen Barry and E-Z (Border Collie)

  Mary Ellen Barry and Maizy (Border Collie)
  Elicia Calhoun and BreeSea (Border Collie)
  Rosanne Demascio and Kiba (Border Collie)
  Dudley Fontaine and Sweet (Border Collie)
  Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble (Border Collie)
  Vanessa Mortarino and Habit (Border Collie)
  Maureen Strenfel and Kyna (Border Collie)
  Moe Strenfel and Kindle (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Mary Dougherty and Trek (Border Collie)

Dudley Fontaine and Maverick (Border Collie)

  Stacy Goudy and Maze (Border Collie)
  Linda Mecklenburg and Wonder (Border Collie)
  Lori Michaels and Solei (Border Collie)
  Daisy Peel and Solar (Border Collie)
  Terry Smorch and Presto (Border Collie)
  Ann Zarr and Skylar (Border Collie)

Venezuela Venezuela

Team Manager: Omar Davila

525 Division
  José Manuel Davila Rosales and Taita (Border Collie)

Wales Wales

Team Manager: Barrie James

300 Division
  Judith Doble and Scruffy (Cross Breed)
  Derek Osbourne and Gizmo (Papillon)
  Kaylee Rowsell and Tommy (Poodle)
400 Division
  Martin Cavill and Dylan (Cocker Spaniel)
  Rosie Cavill and Spice (Cocker Spaniel)
  Mark Douglas and Blossom (Shetland Sheepdog)
525 Division
  Judith Doble and Kali (Cross Breed)
  Mark Douglas and Ruby (Kelpie)
  Ann Harmes and Noo Noo (Working Sheepdog)
  Stuart Harmes and Noo Noo (Working Sheepdog)
  Susie Josty and Billie (Working Sheepdog)
  Helen Perryman and Jinx (Border Collie)
  Connie Sellers and Fly (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Martin Cavill and Zeke (Border Collie)
  Mark Douglas and Puck (Kelpie)
  Stuart Harmes and Tog (Border Collie)
  Susie Josty and Ozzie (Working Sheepdog)


300 Division
  Caterina D'Amato and Peggy (Miniature Pinscher)
400 Division
  Nicola Giraudi and Twister (Parson Russell Terrier)
  Serena Ines Malgaroli and Shahrazad (Mix)
525 Division
  Dave Alderson and Goose (Border Collie)
  Danielle Boshouwers and Kahlen (Croatian Sheepdog)
  Maria Thiry and Ella (Border Collie)
650 Division
  Dave Alderson & Rocky Border Collie)
  Wendy Tunders and Tunwill's Aydisa (Border Collie)

2011 Champions

300 Division
  Marilyn Adams and Tia (Sheltland Sheepdog) (England)
  Anneli Hilton-Arksey and Slice (Papillon) (Canada)
  Derek Osborne and Gizmo (Papillon) (Wales)
  Ivette White and Zip (Jack Russell Terrier) (USA)
400 Division
  Nobuko Akiike and Kool (Miniature Poodle) (Japan)
  Jennifer Crank and Blaster (Shetland Sheepdog) (USA)
  Mimi Shimono and Marie (Sheltland Sheepdog) (Japan)
525 Division
  Mark Douglas and Ruby (Kelpie) (Wales)
  Dudley Fontaine and Sweet (Border Collie) (USA)
  Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble (Border Collie) (USA)
  Leslie Osborne and Fizz (Border Collie) (England)
  Deborah Rhodes and Britt (Border Collie) (Canada)
  Nigel Staines and Zico (Australian Working Kelpie) (England)
650 Division
  Franky De Witte and Uboro (Border Collie) (Belgium)
  Ian Jackson and Bobbie (Border Collie) (England)
  Niina-Liina Linna and Rhett (Border Collie) (Finland)
  Linda Mecklenburg and Wonder (Border Collie) (USA)