Bonnik Berthelsen

I’m Bonnik Berthelsen from Denmark. I have competed since 1989, and been in the Danish national team 3 timeswith 2 different dogs. I became a judge in 2000. I have been a judge in several finals, and several tryouts for the World Championship and European Open, in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Estonia and Czech republic. I have judged the Estonian, Swiss and Swedish Championship. I was head of the Danish national team in 2010, 2011 and 2012. My wife and I have 2 Border Collies.

Jan Egil Eide

Jan Egil Eide has been competing in Agility since 1993 and started judging in 2000. He was vice world champion in 2008 and the winner of EO 2010. He has judged in 25 countries including several national champs and tryouts, and was one of the AWC judges in 2022.


Natalie Webb

I studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at The University of the West of England and currently live in Gloucestershire with my four dogs.


I have been competing in agility for over ten years and have taken part in most of the major UK finals. I originally started out with Shelties but am now probably better known for running Belgian Shepherds. I was lucky enough to represent Team England at The FitPaws World Agility Open in 2013 and was a member of the Team GB squad in 2015.


I am a GJP approved judge and I passed my Kennel Club judging exam in 2012- I am currently in the process of applying for championship status. I judge throughout the UK and Ireland and, at the time of writing, I am looking forward to my first Italian appointment.


I would like to thank Greg for this fantastic opportunity and I look forward to working alongside a world class team of judges and organisers.