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The application form for 2024 is available below. Please read the application form carefully and complete it fully. Please ensure that you follow the payment instructions correctly. Please click on a link below to download the application form.

2024 Wildcard application form (Word)

2024 Wildcard application form (PDF)

Any individual who is not on their country’s team may apply for Wildcard entry.

The FitPaws WAO Organising Committee may select a maximum of 7 (seven) dogs per jump height (in addition to the returning FitPaws WAO medal winners and international champions from the previous year) to attend the event as individual competitors in two or three of the individual events, Pentathlon, Biathlon, and Games championships events. There will be a maximum of 5 (five) wildcards in each individual event per jump height.

There are NO restrictions or competition requirements on who applies for these positions. Therefore, any handler can apply but only partnerships the Wildcard Selection Committee believes could achieve success at the event will be offered a wildcard spot. Please refer to the FitPaws WAO Rules and Regulations, Section 1.6.

The 2023 FitPaws WAO Gold, Silver, and Bronze medallists in each height of the Individual Agility Pentathlon, Agility Biathlon, and Agility Games events are automatically invited to the 2024 FitPaws WAO to compete in the event for which they won a medal in 2023 (for example, the 2023 Agility Biathlon medallists are automatically invited to compete in the 2024 Agility Biathlon).

In addition, the Individual Gold medallists from the previous year in each height of the following championship events are automatically invited to the 2024 FitPaws WAO:

  • FCI Agility World Championships
  • European Open
  • IFCS Agility World Championships
  • FCI Agility Championship of the Américas y el Caribe: Individual
  • Open Agility Championship of the Américas y el Caribe: Individual

Medal winners from 2023 will run as a wildcard in the relevant event(s) unless they also qualify for their country’s 2024 FitPaws WAO team. In the latter case, they will run as an additional entry for their country’s team in the event for which the medal was earned. Therefore, that country will have an extra dog competing in that event. For example, if the 2023 Agility Biathlon 300 gold medallist is from the USA, Team USA will run 4 (four) dogs in the 300 jump height of the Agility Biathlon. Or, if the 2023 EO Large Dog winner is from Italy and he also qualifies for the FitPaws WAO Italian Team, then Italy will run 4 (four) dogs in the 600 height division in the Agility Biathlon, Agility Pentathlon, and Agility Games.

If medallists do not qualify for their country’s team and wish to take up their medal place as a wildcard, they should email during the wildcard entry period to confirm this.